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What is Minute Mailbox for ⁉

  • This temporary email service keeps your inbox protected with a self-destructing email address.
  • You can hide your actual email with a temporary one.
  • Helps you to control who can send you emails.
  • Easy to register for free trials. And you can repeat it with a new disposable email ID :)
  • Generate new temp email ID-s with the ease of one click.


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<p>You can forget about spam, unwanted advertising mailings, hacking, and attacking robots. It is effortless to keep your real mailbox clean and secure because the temporary email addresses by Minute Mailbox provide disposable, safe, anonymous, free email addresses.</p>

<h3>User ratings</h3>

<p>&#x2605; &#x2605; &#x2605; &#x2605; &#x2605;<br />So useful and so helpful! Love it! If you have an email address, you need this.</p><p align="left">- Christian</p>

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<p>&#x2605; &#x2605; &#x2605; &#x2605; <br />Temporary email is a fast and free service that allows you to use a temporary email address that self-destructs after a time. Minute Mailbox is an advanced throwaway email service that helps you avoid spam and stay safe.</p><p align="left">- Laslo</p>

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<p>&#x2605; &#x2605; &#x2605; <br />Does exactly what they advertise it does!</p><p align="left">- Igor</p>

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<p>&#x2605; &#x2605; &#x2605; &#x2605; &#x2605; <br />One advantage of using Minute Mailbox temporary email addresses is that you can use them without creating a spammy personal email account. Unlike services like Gmail or Outlook, these temporary emails have nothing to do with your personal life and have a time limit for how long they are active for. This means that when you sign up for a site using one of these temp email addresses, the website doesn't know your personal information and can't send you junk emails as well.</p><p align="left">- Monika</p>

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<p>&#x2605; &#x2605; &#x2605; &#x2605; <br />Minute Mailbox is so helpful and so useful! Love it! If you have an email address, you need this too!</p><p align="left">- Elena</p>

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<p>&#x2605; &#x2605; &#x2605; &#x2605; &#x2605; <br />Extremely easy to use. Looking to up your privacy and lower your spam, this is a great tool.</p><p align="left">- John</p>

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<p>&#x2605; &#x2605; <br />I cant' believe an iPhone/Android app isn't available yet.</p><p align="left">- Muhammad</p>

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<p>&#x2605; &#x2605; &#x2605;<br />Bom D+++. Obrigado.</p><p align="left">- Sergio</p>

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<p>&#x2605; &#x2605; &#x2605; &#x2605; <br />No more leaked emails from random hacks every month!</p><p align="left">- Jozef</p>

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<p>&#x2605; &#x2605; &#x2605; &#x2605; &#x2605; <br />Excellent job, man! Doing God's work and shit, you deserve a medal.</p><p align="left">- Gabriele</p>

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<p>&#x2605; &#x2605; &#x2605; &#x2605; &#x2605; <br />Excellent easy-to-use add-on for generating disposable email addresses, which can be used once or many times.</p><p align="left">- Alex</p>

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<p>&#x2605; &#x2605; &#x2605; &#x2605; &#x2605; <br />Disposable email by Minute Mailbox is a free service that allows receiving email at a temporary address that is self-destructed after a time. It is advantageous when you register for viewing content, comment, or downloading something. Minute Mailbox is an advanced throwaway email helping you avoid spam and be safe. I recommend using temp emails for free when you need to sign up on an unimportant secondary website.</p><p align="left">- Mike</p>

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<p>&#x2605; &#x2605; &#x2605; <br />I love the fact that this temporary email helps me focus just that much more on what I'm doing instead of thinking of an email for a site I want something from quickly.</p><p align="left">- Helena</p>

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<p>&#x2605; &#x2605; &#x2605; &#x2605; &#x2605; <br />Works perfectly for temporary emails!</p><p align="left">- Krisztina</p>

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<p>&#x2605; &#x2605; &#x2605; &#x2605; &#x2605;<br />Temporary emails allow you to sign up for things like forums and even comments without the need for registration. It’s a must tool to use to beat spam.</p><p align="left">- Feri</p>


<p>Minute Mailbox temporary email service is not just a one-off designed project. At Index Web Solutions Ltd, we have ambitious plans to improve this disposable email service further soon.</p><br />

<p>We strive for the ideal to achieve as close as possible perfection. Your suggestions and comments are beneficial, and we are thankful for them. We take everything into account and implement practical recommendations into standard practice.</p><br />

<p>Do you like this anonymous email service? You can suggest our service to other users in reviews.</p><br />

<p>We invite you to help us further improve our services with disposable email addresses. We offer you the most secure anonymous email and most comfortable, easy-to-use user interface. Do you have any suggestions? Would you please do let us know about that?</p><br />

<p align="left">Gabor,

Index Web Solutions Ltd.</p>

<p align="centre">Thank you for using Minute Mailbox's free temp email services!</p>


Why would you use self-destructing email addresses?

It's a Free Temporary E-mail Solution.
Let's say you want to sign up for a site that requires your e-mail address to send a validation e-mail. Sometimes you don't want to expose your actual e-mail address just to read hidden content (available only after registration) and end up on a bunch of spam lists by the time. Here comes our temporary e-mail solution to help you;

Minute Mailbox is a secure, free, and disposable e-mail service with instant message delivery.

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"Since I use the Minute Mailbox disposable email addresses, I have to spend much less time reading my emails and searching for important emails. It's safe, fast, and easy to use - I can only recommend it!"

Christina, Cherry POP Comm. Ltd.

"A disposable email address is the ultimate solution for the users who wish to download an electronic book from the website that requires entering an email address. Thus, the book lover will quickly install the selected book or text on their device without exposing their regular email address."

Gabor, Princes Cruises

"Submitting a regular e-mail address during registration can later cause minor problems such as pesky spam that litter your complete inbox. Plenty of people use their electronic mail only for business and work and avoid specifying their valid e-mail address anywhere since any message that has nothing to do with their job annoys or slows down business processes. This is where the temporary e-mail addresses from Minute Mailbox can help people to avoid unwanted e-mails in their postbox."

Robert, Unicorp

"I have long since forgotten about spam, advertisements, and malicious emails. Since I use the disposable email addresses in the Minute Mailbox, I can keep my mailbox safe and clean!"

Peter, Young B.T.S. Ltd.

"As simple, as brilliant! Temporary e-mails from Minute are used daily to beat unwanted SPAM and newsletters I have never signed for."

Lisa, Graphic Designer