How can I turn off the display of the Sections in the tray?

Apps built into Windows 10, like Mail, Windows Clock, and Weather, display tiny numbers or markings, called badges, on the taskbar icons to direct you to the right app: Mail uses them to tell you the number of new emails, Windows Clock the active alarm, and Weather the current weather changes. If you’re not happy, you can disable this form of notification.

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Tips to reduce data leaks on TV


Keep your TV’s operating system and installed applications up to date. Even if the TV manufacturer no longer updates the system, applications should be updated regularly!

Cameras and microphone

As Skype is no longer supported on TVs, no TV manufacturer builds cameras into their TVs. If you have an old TV that includes a camera, disable this feature. Also, disable the microphone. If you do not use the voice control function, turn it off too.

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12 Simple Things You Can Do to Be More Secure Online

It’s more important than ever to stay secure and safe in the online world. The truth is that there are a lot of different attackers and maleficent people in the online world. Tracking and managing everything wisely is super important, all you have to do is to use that to your advantage. That’s what makes it well worth your time to apply such measures like the ones below.

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How can I transfer the license to another computer before installation?

If you’re about to move to a new computer, the question of the operating system will almost certainly come up. Those who have bought the full version of Windows 10 can install the operating system on their new computer. However, to do so, you will need to deactivate the current installation.

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How can I locate the files that fill the repository?

No matter how big a hard drive or SSD is, you will eventually run out of available storage space. The real solution is to buy a larger storage device or use cloud storage, but it also helps to delete unnecessary files first. In such cases, Storage Explorer is the quickest way to find out where to delete the most.

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How can I add my own libraries to the Search Index?

For those who frequently search for specific content stored on their PC, the search index automatically created by Windows 10 is useful. In the default settings, this feature only takes Windows Libraries and Desktop into account, but you can add additional user-created folders.

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