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What is Minute Mailbox for ⁉

  • This temporary email service keeps your inbox protected with a self-destructing email address.
  • You can hide your actual email with a temporary one.
  • Helps you to control who can send you emails.
  • Easy to register for free trials. And you can repeat it with a new disposable email ID :)
  • Generate new temp email ID-s with the ease of one click.

Fake email generator

With more and more people getting spammed & scammed every day with random emails, it’s becoming evident that you should try to avoid using your regular email address for everything. Getting a temp email address can help you maintain your anonymity while also making sure that you can use any website out there. That’s where Minute Mailbox comes into play.

What is Minute Mailbox?

We are a fake email generator website. We can help you generate random email addresses to register on peculiar websites while also preventing you from any spam attacks. On top of that, you can quickly and easily generate as many destructible emails as you need. We are always committed to helping our customers get the best results, and our website can help you generate an unlimited number of email IDs.

Check temporary emails with ease.

Once you generate the email address, you can check it right away. This means you can register on any website, receive messages from them and not have to worry about sharing your true identity. It’s is the ultimate way to maintain your anonymity while bringing your experience to the next level every time. Plus, if you want to check another temporary email address, you only generate it for free and use it whenever you want.

Protect yourself online with disposable emails

Since there are so many hackers and maleficent people online, you must do everything you can to maintain your safety and prevent any issues. With Minute Mailbox, you can quickly generate a disposable email address and stay away from spam or any attackers. Don’t hesitate and browse our website whenever you need a temporary email, as you can generate an unlimited amount of IDs if you want.

Give it a try for yourself, and if you have any questions or need assistance, our team is always here to help!

Why would you use self-destructing email addresses?

It's a Free Temporary E-mail Solution.
Let's say you want to sign up for a site that requires your e-mail address to send a validation e-mail. Sometimes you don't want to expose your actual e-mail address just to read hidden content (available only after registration) and end up on a bunch of spam lists by the time. Here comes our temporary e-mail solution to help you;

Minute Mailbox is a secure, free, and disposable e-mail service with instant message delivery.

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Gabor, Princes Cruises

"Submitting a regular e-mail address during registration can later cause minor problems such as pesky spam that litter your complete inbox. Plenty of people use their electronic mail only for business and work and avoid specifying their valid e-mail address anywhere since any message that has nothing to do with their job annoys or slows down business processes. This is where the temporary e-mail addresses from Minute Mailbox can help people to avoid unwanted e-mails in their postbox."

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