How to install free fonts from the cloud?

Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) subscribers know that they benefit from a range of extra services, including 1TB of storage space in the OneDrive cloud, regular feature updates, and access to premium templates. But more recently, they also come with free fonts.

Open Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, stay on the Home tab of the menu bar, and click the arrow next to the current font to open the drop-down list. In the list of all fonts, downloadable fonts are marked with a cloud icon. When you click on a font, it will be downloaded and immediately installed, so that it can be used throughout the system with all software that uses Windows font management. This includes commonly used word processors, spreadsheets, and graphics programs.

If these fonts are not available, the reason is that the required function is disabled. In an application such as Word, click on the File menu, select Account, and click on Account Privacy Settings / Manage Settings. In the Privacy Settings window that opens, check that the box under Online content downloading services is checked.

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