How can I display Wi-Fi passwords in a readable way using Windows 10?

No additional device is needed to find out the password of your currently active Wi-Fi connection if you forget it. Right-click on the Wi-Fi icon in the notification area of the taskbar and select Open Network and Internet Settings from the local menu. Select the Wi-Fi category in the left column and click on the Network and Sharing Center link in the Related Settings area on the right to open the corresponding area of the classic Control Panel.

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What is a password generator, and why should you use it?

Strong password generator

The online world is filled with great opportunities, but the truth is that it also has a whole lot of threats and challenges too. That’s why you need to be on your guard and stay safe with help from online tools. Something like a password generator can really help make a difference, and it will offer you the results and experience you are interested in.

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