How can I locate the files that fill the repository?

No matter how big a hard drive or SSD is, you will eventually run out of available storage space. The real solution is to buy a larger storage device or use cloud storage, but it also helps to delete unnecessary files first. In such cases, Storage Explorer is the quickest way to find out where to delete the most.

Open the Settings and click on the System category first, then the Storage Area category. In the main window, you will see the storage space usage of the system driver. Click on the More Categories link to expand the list. You can access the details by clicking on one of the categories, for example, Temporary files. The content that can be removed without risk is selected by default, so you only need to click on the Remove Files button to free up space. In our example, this is over 22 gigabytes!

Conversely, if you need to analyze another drive, click on the View Storage Usage on other drives link, select the drive, and click the Refresh button at the very bottom to start a new analysis.

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