How can I transfer the license to another computer before installation?

If you’re about to move to a new computer, the question of the operating system will almost certainly come up. Those who have bought the full version of Windows 10 can install the operating system on their new computer. However, to do so, you will need to deactivate the current installation.

Note: if Windows 10 was installed as a free upgrade, it is not possible to transfer it to the new computer. The same applies to Windows 10 already pre-installed on the old computer when you bought it.

Open the command prompt on the old computer with administrator rights. To do this, type cmd in the search box, then right-click Run as administrator under Command Prompt and answer yes to the security question.

Type: slmgr / upk and hit enter to delete the product key. Then remove the product key from the registry as well with slmgr /cpky.

In the last step, use slmgr /rearm to restore the licensing state. If you then install Windows 10 on the new machine, the activation should be fine, as the old installation is no longer active.

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