New icons in Windows

One thing is for sure: new icons are coming to Windows. The process hasn’t just started, with strategically important applications in the company getting new icons not long ago. Now the line is continuing with Windows factory applications, including a rethink of icons in Explorer. For example, the yellow background color will disappear completely, and the icons for folders, downloads, photos, documents, videos, and music will change. The new icons are not only prettier, but they also make it easier to distinguish between important storage. Other changes, though not necessarily as noticeable, include rounded corners for windows, controls, and menus.

That’s not a lot for now, but it shows that Microsoft thinks something needs to be done with the interface, and more news is expected in the near future.

The design of the pop-up menu for the icons on the Tray is also expected to change, they will no longer be attached to the Tray but will float above it. Of course, this is not a change that will make everyone’s jaw drop, but Microsoft has got it right: Windows must remain Windows, but the user interface must be modernized. On a hint, the virtual desktop will also be developed, because in our opinion there is still a lot to be done in this area (e.g. custom backgrounds, icons, sorting aspects, etc.).

Show messages on the Tray

Microsoft is determined to make the look and feel of the Taskbar simpler while keeping the most important features a single click away. For example, the News and Interest feature will allow an online news feed to be moved to the interface, which will even be able to show the weather forecast. Just hover your mouse over the relevant area. The news feed will of course be customizable, so you can choose the information you want to see according to your own tastes (sports, business, etc.)

Microsoft is also modernizing some classic elements. The classic versions of Control Panel and Disk Manager will remain available, but both will have their counterparts in the modernized interface’s Settings panel – even partitions can be changed from here. Screen resolution and other options, as well as webcam settings, will all be more convenient to change from the modern interface.

Built-in devices

Two other strategic decisions may be of interest. Starting with 21H2, Microsoft will get rid of more Win 10 applications. Paint and Snipping Tool are no longer part of the system by default – they will be joined by newer software. The big advantage of this is that unnecessary apps won’t take up resources and existing ones can be updated more flexibly. Microsoft is also making the menu more transparent: system tools will be moved to the Windows Tools group so that important programs will be in one place. The folder structure will also change, with non-factory drivers moving from the SYSTEM32 folder to the OEMDRIVERS folder.

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