Vulnerability discovered in millions of routers

Asus is undoubtedly affected among the manufacturers, but there may be easily hackable routers among many OEM products.

Security experts at Tenable and Juniper Networks warn that routers that use control software developed by Arcadyan or Buffalo may have a critical security flaw. The vulnerability basically affects older models released in the last couple of years, and the list may grow as investigations progress, but it is already over 20. Security flaws are constantly surfacing, but hackers are actively exploiting the current vulnerability, so anyone using one of the affected routers is no longer safe.

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AMD expands towards ARM chips

Now that the company is starting to regain its strength in the PC processor market, it is trying its hand in a new area: ARM chips!

AMD is currently synonymous for users with desktop processors and high-quality video cards, but the company is a consumer product manufacturer and a custom manufacturer. The US manufacturer also produces semi-custom processors for Sony and Microsoft, the former for the PlayStation line and Xboxes.

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Will we never get rid of ransomware?

Although the last year has fortunately not seen the emergence of a major, global ransomware virus-like WannaCry in 2017, several major companies have fallen victim to different variants. The big question is what to expect in the future.

There is probably no one who has not heard or read (even if they have been lucky or sensible enough to avoid encountering it) about what it is like to have one’s computer files encrypted and only promised to unlock them for ransom. Egregor, Doppelpaymer, Ryuk – today’s most aggressive ransomware types and distribution teams. Now we want to find out whether there is any chance of these ransomware viruses disappearing from our lives in the near future.

The short answer is unfortunately not, and in the longer answer, we will try to outline the reasons for this, point by point.

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How can I set up an FTP server at home?

An FTP server is a very good thing: it allows you to share files with others with virtually no restrictions so that the data can be accessed by several people at the same time.

The advantage of FTP is that the other party can choose when to download, while on the server-side, for example, you can control who can see what and who can download what through the permissions settings.

The FTP server is very useful when you need to send large data files to a friend (say, family photos in their original size, holiday videos, or series). The good news is that you don’t really need anything extra: there are free programs that allow anyone to set up an FPT server on their home PC (even notebook) in a flash, with just a few clicks.

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To pay or not to pay in case of Ranshameware attack?

Most security experts are explicitly against the payment of ransom. But the theory is different from reality. It is certainly true that every time someone pays a ransom, it encourages criminals to continue and, if possible, expand their activities. In addition, there is always the possibility that the extortionists simply disappear with the money and never send the decryption key – or that a flaw in the malware makes decryption essentially impossible.

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How can I protect myself against ransomware?

What is Ransomware?

In short, cybercriminals would pressure us by encrypting our important and irreplaceable data and then demand a fortune with the promise of recovery. We show you how to defend against them.

In detail: They no longer just try to blackmail you with the promise of returning encrypted data: they also steal files and threaten to publish their contents on the Internet. According to security experts, two thirds of the ransomware attacks currently active involve data theft. This leaves victims in a new situation: while backups have been the best protection against ransomware, they cannot help prevent the blackmailers from publishing the data. Hence the term ranshameware, a contraction of ransom and shame. Fortunately for the average user, this method is more effective for the time being against companies that want to protect their trade secrets from public disclosure. Learn how can you protect yourself against Ransomware.

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