How can I change the Local Menu available in Windows Explorer?

Programs keep expanding the right-click local menu without question, so this useful menu becomes increasingly opaque over time. However, you can freely remove unnecessary entries without having to uninstall the application responsible for them. To do this, simply edit a key in the Preferences Editor.

To open the Setup Editor, just type reg in the search box and click on the result. In the HKEY_ CLASSES_ROOT*\shellex\Context- MenuHandlers key, there are several programs listed that have nested themselves in the local menu.

To remove them, right-click on the unwanted entry in the left column and select Delete. This will remove all local menu entries for the selected application.

In some cases, for example with the 7-Zip compression program, it is better not to remove all entries, but just to disable the unnecessary ones. You can do this in the settings of the application. In the case of 7-Zip, go to Tools/Settings, open the 7-Zip tab, and under Local menu items, uncheck the entries you do not want to see.

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