Use a temporary email address to download electronic books

Avoid spam while downloading ebooks.

Physical books are fun to read, but once you finish them, they occupy a lot of space. The best thing that you can do is to try and find a way to read books digitally. Getting an ebook reader can help remove the clutter, bringing in the results and value you want in no time. Thankfully, you can find many ebooks online. But the websites that you are downloading from might require an email address. When that happens, you want to avoid using your regular email. Using a temporary email is much better and safer.

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What is Spam, and what are its types?

Exchanging messages with family, friends, or acquaintances, either for work or personal reasons, is the main reason why a person creates an email account.

However, we must consider that it is customary to start receiving dozens of messages that you never expected to get once you have them, which does not interest you. But we know that you are suddenly curious to know where they come from and the meaning of these unwanted emails that arrive at your Gmail, Hotmail, etc., account.

These unwanted correspondences are known as “Spam,” a computer phenomenon that intensifies day after day every time technology evolves and new solutions arise to neutralize it.

Spammers, dedicated to this laboriously, also perform maneuvers to reinforce and innovate their skills to evade the user’s countermeasures.

In this article, we will dedicate ourselves to offer you information on the also called spam mails and the types that exist. We will also determine the intentions by which many execute this phenomenon and how you can recognize it.

Next, we will begin by talking to you about what spam is and its purpose:

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The usefulness of temporary or disposable email addresses

The usefulness of temporary or disposable email addresses

More and more people are acquiring email addresses via their websites in recent years, and then they sell them in bulk on the dark web. That’s one of the reasons why we end up with so many spam emails every day. This is why we recommend you avoid using your primary email address when you’re registering to any website. It makes a lot more sense to use a self-destructing email or a temporary address. With a disposable email ID, it is a lot easier to complete any task you want, register, and not have to worry about someone spamming or scamming you all the time.

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New icons in Windows

One thing is for sure: new icons are coming to Windows. The process hasn’t just started, with strategically important applications in the company getting new icons not long ago. Now the line is continuing with Windows factory applications, including a rethink of icons in Explorer. For example, the yellow background color will disappear completely, and the icons for folders, downloads, photos, documents, videos, and music will change. The new icons are not only prettier, but they also make it easier to distinguish between important storage. Other changes, though not necessarily as noticeable, include rounded corners for windows, controls, and menus.

That’s not a lot for now, but it shows that Microsoft thinks something needs to be done with the interface, and more news is expected in the near future.

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Windows 10 – new clothes coming soon

The second update in the life of Windows 10 this year might be the one to look forward to. Although Microsoft hasn’t yet released the detailed plans and what’s new, the Insider Previews suggest one of two things. One of them is the nature of the changes that will be made to Windows 10, which will be codenamed Sun Valley and will give Windows 10 a new look.

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Microsoft changes update model for Windows 10

Due to too many problems, the company may change the concept of updates again; the two big packages will be discontinued and replaced by more small updates.

For internal testers, Microsoft is already testing a new update model, which means that new features in the operating system will no longer arrive in two big phases, spring and autumn, but will arrive as they are released. The idea is certainly better than the current version in that there will be no delays.

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Blackmail virus also on Linux

Ransomware is no longer a new threat, but this type of attack has so far been mostly directed against companies and users running Windows. Kaspersky has now discovered a new type of malware specifically targeting Linux systems. This is RansomExxro, which also existed under Windows, but has been “cleverly” adapted to attack Linux systems. Linux …

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Critical bug in Windows 10

According to Google Project Zero, there is a critical flaw in the Windows kernel that hackers can easily exploit.

The Google Project Zero team has once again discovered a critical flaw in Windows. The vulnerability affects many users; this time it is a security issue affecting the kernel. The vulnerability, in combination with a flaw in the Chrome browser, allows an attack against the operating system and allows an attacker to take control of the operating system.

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