What is Spam, and what are its types?

Exchanging messages with family, friends, or acquaintances, either for work or personal reasons, is the main reason why a person creates an email account.

However, we must consider that it is customary to start receiving dozens of messages that you never expected to get once you have them, which does not interest you. But we know that you are suddenly curious to know where they come from and the meaning of these unwanted emails that arrive at your Gmail, Hotmail, etc., account.

These unwanted correspondences are known as “Spam,” a computer phenomenon that intensifies day after day every time technology evolves and new solutions arise to neutralize it.

Spammers, dedicated to this laboriously, also perform maneuvers to reinforce and innovate their skills to evade the user’s countermeasures.

In this article, we will dedicate ourselves to offer you information on the also called spam mails and the types that exist. We will also determine the intentions by which many execute this phenomenon and how you can recognize it.

Next, we will begin by talking to you about what spam is and its purpose:

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