Tips to reduce data leaks on TV


Keep your TV’s operating system and installed applications up to date. Even if the TV manufacturer no longer updates the system, applications should be updated regularly!

Cameras and microphone

As Skype is no longer supported on TVs, no TV manufacturer builds cameras into their TVs. If you have an old TV that includes a camera, disable this feature. Also, disable the microphone. If you do not use the voice control function, turn it off too.

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SSL certificate: what is it, what is its purpose?

An SSL certificate is essential to ensure the security of a website. Google, for example, has taken steps to inform users about page protection practices. A company that does not have a digital document appears as “unsafe” to people.

What does that mean? Having an SSL certificate is a way to protect users’ data and guarantee a more significant number of accesses to the website. You still don’t use this tool in your business? Read on and understand more about the subject!

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