Extra protection by isolating your kernel using Windows 10

A built-in feature of Windows 10 is the ability to isolate the kernel. What this means in practice is that critical processes run in a virtual environment, all designed to prevent malicious code from being smuggled into system processes under any circumstances. To use this protection, you need a compatible motherboard and an Intel or AMD processor that is also prepared to run in a virtual environment. The main concern with processors is to ensure that the integrity of registers is not compromised – we have seen examples in the past of this being a cause for concern.

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Critical bug in Windows 10

According to Google Project Zero, there is a critical flaw in the Windows kernel that hackers can easily exploit.

The Google Project Zero team has once again discovered a critical flaw in Windows. The vulnerability affects many users; this time it is a security issue affecting the kernel. The vulnerability, in combination with a flaw in the Chrome browser, allows an attack against the operating system and allows an attacker to take control of the operating system.

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